Why Tray Check?

Surgeons, Materials Managers, Charge Nurses, and Staff all rely on Tray Check

With the advanced technology of today, hospitals across the US have found a solution for tracking loaner instrument trays entering and leaving the facility with proper electronic documentation. Missing pieces, late arrivals, and misinformation on hand-written labels is a thing of the past.

Our doctors and hospital staff rave about the ease of use with this kiosk. We place the responsibility on the sales representatives to properly document and print labels for their expensive instrumentation used during surgical cases. Whether the instruments remain on site for one week or one year, Tray Check keeps accurate records for instant verification.

Get Started

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    Contact your local sales representative or send us an email

    We are happy to come to you and give a live on-site demonstration of just how easy this kiosk is to use. Our system sets up in just a few minutes and our sales team with work with you to train your reps.

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    Decide on a placement location in your facility

    We see Tray Check placed by the receiving areas, rep sign-in computers, Central Processing Department, or even at Materials Management. The system comes pre-loaded and ready to go; just decide what location works best for your facility.

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    One Quick In-service & You're Up and Running

    Our units will ship in 1-2 weeks and a rep will be on site for set up. We coordinate a training in-service for your staff and you'll be on the way to a more effective solution for loaner tray management.

our company

Our founding partners have a combined knowledge of the need for organization during tray processing and implementing advanced technology data solutions. They have played roles within the walls of a sterile processing department along with surgical sales and sales management. Many of the companies that are considered pioneers in the surgical instrument tracking realm do not have systems that empower the sales representative to properly document their equipment when arriving or leaving a facility.

Our team recognized that the constant delivery of loaner instrumentation necessitates a new balance between innovation, data collection, and overall control for representatives and facilities. Tray Check is predicated upon a tireless devotion to producing an advanced solution to documenting and labeling loaner trays within the constraints of a cost-conscious environment.

We have a lust for innovation and creativity, but we are also mindful of the need for efficiency and flexibility. These attributes apply to the kiosk we created and with the relationships we have with healthcare providers who use our system.